In order to solve any wildlife problem, a proper inspection is a must. We offer a comprehensive and thorough inspection in order to begin the process of resolving your problem. During the inspection, we will be looking for animal activity, entry points, any damage that has occurred, clues as to what species of animal is causing the problem, and decide what type of trapping/removal would be the best choice for the situation. Once the inspection is completed, we will be able to inform you of what needs to be done to solve the problem.


There are many different ways to remove nuisance wildlife. Trapping of the animals is just one option. We may also use deterrents to “scare” or “discourage” the animals from wanting to be in the area. We may also use a “one-way door” that allows the animal to vacate the area, but not allow the animal to return. Each case is different, and thorough inspection will help determine the best solution.


Exclusion is simply excluding the unwanted animals from gaining access to an area. During the inspection process, we look for not only the areas the animals are gaining entrance now, but where they will go next. Often times, exclusion work is absolutely necessary because trapping/removal alone will not resolve the problem if the animal(s) can regain access to the home/structure they have decided to call home. The old saying “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link” certainly applies to exclusion. Through our experience and knowledge of the animals that we deal with, we can determine what kind of exclusion needs to be done. Every situation is different, therefore the need for a comprehensive and thorough inspection is always needed.


Often times, when an animal has taken up residence in a home/structure, there is a need to perform some sort of remediation. Remediation usually consists of: cleaning/removal of feces, removal of nesting material, removal of affected materials, and chemically sanitizing the affected areas. In many cases, the remediation process is absolutely necessary. Histoplasmosis is a common concern when dealing with wildlife, and can be deadly. Therefore, the removal of any contaminates in a home/structure is vital.

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